Travel Weekly Showcases SNUBA!

Aloha friends,

This is a must read article from Travel Weekly about Snuba Diving from the Sheraton Maui at Black Rock.  If you have never been SNUBA diving and want to hear a first hand account of how it works, click on the link below.  I also recommend this article for any person that needs to have a good laugh!


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Scott SNUBA guide celebrity

Aloha Friends! Watch this awesome video of SNUBA Adventures at The Sheraton Black Rock featuring SNUBA guide Scott and travel writer Terri Gardner:

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Happy Earth Day

Female Hawaiian Monk Seals give birth to one pup on land in the spring or summer. The pups stay with their mothers for five to seven weeks, during which time they gain over 175 pounds. The mother seal will not eat while nursing and loses up to a third of her body weight.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lloyd a.k.a SNUBA Guide extraordinaire





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TripAdvisor Recommends…

We had a great time meeting so many new friends over Spring Break! It has been our busiest season to date! If you haven’t already, check out our TripAdvisor page to see what our divers are saying about their experience with us. Feel free to leave a note yourself if you have been on a SNUBA® dive as well. We love visitors on Maui, and we are getting the feeling that the visitors love Maui too 😉 What better way to vacation in Hawaii than to spend a while under the water exploring sea life?

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Spring Break!

You’ve been waiting all year and it’s finally here – Spring Break! Get yourself to Maui during your newfound free time and enjoy great whale watching (and listening), beautiful greenery from the rainy season, and of course the ever-amazing sea life that Hawaii has to offer! With SNUBA®, you get the opportunity to be eye level with so many great sights: sea urchins, eels, colorful fish, sea turtles, and more! The only prerequisites are being able to 1) breathe, and 2) kick. That’s it! Actually, even the kicking is optional… So for all of you out there who can breathe (yes, I’m talking to you!), grab a beach towel and visit us at 11:00 am for a free demonstration of just how cool and easy SNUBA® can be! We’ll be at the pool at all six Maui locations:

  • Hyatt Regency
  • Marriott Ocean Club
  • Sheraton Maui
  • Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort
  • Honua Kai
  • Ka’anapali Beach Club
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Lucky Green Sea Turtles

Here on Maui, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a favorite of visitors and locals alike. Everyone feels lucky to encounter these beautiful, peaceful, creatures. Many people who don’t realize the impact humans have on them inadvertently take advantage of the turtles’ friendly nature by touching or chasing them. Sea turtles need to breathe air like all other reptiles, so preventing them from surfacing can actually cause them to drown. Lucky for the turtles (and our future generations!), the state of Hawaii has protective laws in place to keep this population on an upward swing. Known to be some of the largest sea turtles, reaching weights as great as 700 pounds, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is always fun to spot during a snorkel trip or SNUBA® dive. Despite their name, Green Sea Turtle actually has a brownish colored shell. The name originates from when the turtles were hunted for their meat – which has a green hue due to their entirely plant-based diet.

If you are lucky enough to see the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle while on your SNUBA® dive or at the beach, remember to respect them and give them the space they need so we can all continue to enjoy this lovable animal!

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Aloha Troy!

It’s always sad to see one of our SNUBA® Guides move on from Shoreline. Whatever the reason, we wish them good luck in their endeavors! Today we say goodbye to Troy, one of our great guides who has been with us for most of the past year. We’d like to say a huge Mahalo! We know that you really made a difference to Shoreline and all the SNUBA® divers you have introduced to Maui’s undersea world over the past several months! Come visit us in Hawaii anytime!

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Winter Showers and Whale Songs

It’s the end of January, and while the weather may leave something to be desired during this past week, I hear there has been some awesome whale action lately. We are approaching ‘peak’ whale season where you can hardly glance at the ocean without seeing a whale breach or blow in the distance!  Here at Shoreline SNUBA®, this is one of our favorite times because you can also hear the whales singing while you are underwater.  It is one of the most amazing sounds both guests and locals will never forget. One of the greatest benefits of SNUBA®, is that even when it’s rainy or windy outside, you can escape below the surface of the water and still see amazing see life! Maui has so much to offer from the bottom of the ocean, to the top of Haleakala; we invite you to experience all of it!

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Aloha Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Yes, we are deteremined to appreciate even the most hated of weekdays…but honestly it isn’t too hard when we are in the paradise that is Maui. Sorry, it was necessary to rub it in – just a little. It has been quite a busy weekend, apparently the word is really getting out there about SNUBA®! Have you told all of your friends and acquaintences how much you loved your dive with Shoreline SNUBA®? Have you shared your experience on TripAdvisor? Have you commented on your favorite Facebook posts and Tweets? Most importantly, do you wish you were here in Hawaii exploring the beautiful pacific from an underwater vantage point? Because that’s what we do! We share our love for the ocean with each and every person that tries SNUBA® with us, and hope that they begin and continue to value it as much as we do. We are so lucky to be in this place, enjoying the ocean every single day, and we’d love for you to have the same opportunity – even if it is only for a week or two visit!

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Out of the Rain and Into the Sunshine!

Hey Washingtonian fans! Guess who got featured on one of Seattle’s top radio stations?? That’s right, Shoreline SNUBA® did – as part of the ‘Black Rock Experience’! Even if you didn’t catch the live interview this morning, you still have a chance to win a trip to beautiful Maui, Hawaii – and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! Visit the Star 101.5 website for details. Once you’re here on Maui, your SNUBA® dive is only a few steps away… You have the opportunity to book your dive at one of our daily pool demonstration fronting the Sheraton every morning from 11:00 am until noon, or feel free to book right here online! We can’t wait to see you (and GOOD LUCK)!


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