SNUBA Doo® is offered at all resort locations and allows kids ages 4 to 7 years old to join their family on a shared SNUBA® dive. Kids wear a specially designed, highly adjustable floatation vest which keeps them buoyant at the surface, while their family members SNUBA® dive below them.

SNUBA Doo® participants breathe through a standard 2nd stage regulator with a child-sized mouthpiece. A 10-foot air line runs from a compressed air cylinder on the SNUBA® Raft to a connection on the back of the SNUBA Doo® vest, hindering the child from touching, accidentally disconnecting, or removing any part of the equipment. The air line also keeps the child within a distance of 10-feet or less from the SNUBA® Raft.

SNUBA Doo® is simple like snorkeling, however, air is provided through a scuba-type regulator mouthpiece. All participants are under the supervision of a certified SNUBA® Guide throughout the entire tour, and the surface raft is never more than 10-feet from the SNUBA Doo® participant, and is available at any time for surface support.

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